Using AI-generated art to create tileable textiles for fabric printing offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows for greater creative control and customization in the design process.

AI algorithms can generate complex patterns and textures that would be difficult or time-consuming for humans to create manually. This can result in more unique and visually appealing designs that stand out in a crowded market. Additionally, using AI to generate textile designs can be more cost-effective than hiring a team of designers.

The process can be automated, resulting in faster turnaround times and lower production costs. Furthermore, AI-generated designs can be easily modified and adapted to different fabrics and printing methods, providing flexibility in the manufacturing process. Overall, utilizing AI-generated art for tillable textiles can provide a competitive edge in the textile industry by offering unique, cost-effective, and flexible designs.

My work flow is to use an image generation AI that can create tiled images such as Midjourney. Midjourney is a text-to-image AI generation tool based upon word prompts to generate tiled images. A prompt like "floral design against a black background using the color purple --tile" could be an easy prompt to get your going before refining it further. I would then use a web tool like to see how these will tile in the vertical and horizontal plane. Once I was satisfied with design and if I wanted then to allow this to be printable I would upscale the image using other AI tools. Using a site like to print your design and you are done.

Of course, we are not limited to wallpaper. We could lend this process to textiles for clothing fashion, computer games level textures and background images in websites to name a few.

Below are designs I created in just a few minutes with just a few words as a prompt:

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