Founder's Installation - Hologram

The Founders Installation is a hologram that is five minute looping animation featuring the founder of an all Indigenous private school in Alice Springs.

The founder of an all Aboriginal school located in Alice Springs was E Rubuntja and pictured above are two of his grandsons, a great grandchild and daughter. They gave their blessing for the installation after an initial presentation and stated that 'we knew him and we want this generation to know him too'. The presentation in the image used an old 3D television that required each observer to wear specialised polarised glasses to see the 3D effect of the digital avatar of Rubuntja. However, the hologram installation would use a 65" Lenticular Display allowing unaided 3D viewing for observers which was the first to be delivered to Australia by an American manufacturer Looking Glass Factory.


Above video is the final Hologram Installation at the Yipirinya School Shop located in Alice Springs.

The difficulties of rendering for the Hologram display became apparent requiring very powerful hardware and software to manage the 45 images per frame. To compare this to film which uses 24 frames per second the hologram would required over 1000 images per second. This is achieved by stacking the 45 images into a single frame to reduce frames per second however at the cost of larger frame resolution. Larger than true 8K images, this 8192px square frame is not able to played by the most powerful app called VLC ut instead uses proprietary software to render to the Hologram.




October 12, 2023 • 4:50PM


December 11, 2023 • 11:42AM