Fantasy Portraits

Here is how we went from a family photograph to creating a birthday invite for little Mila's first birthday using AI... it's all in the prompting.

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The Brief: Create a printed ticket for their little one's first birthday. They want it to be fun and represent the "Golden Ticket" from a children's Christmas fantasy movie.

Firstly we choose an image that not only looks great but, best conveys the emotion we want to convey in the final deliverable. We choose this cheeky number...



Next was to go prompting an A.I. image generator into creating a particular look garnered from the client. We did this during the initial brief and involves asking the client how they would like their little girl to be dressed. We usually have to guide this process as this is an unfamiliar process to most of my clientele. They decline the most obvious choices of "Angel", "fairy" or "Princess" which they were then able to suggest "Woodland elves". Back to the present, we enter a prompt into the A.I. image generator and begin consuming and rejecting many images all the while refining my prompt until we get 'baby infant girl smiling, dressed as a woodland elf clown'. Yes, we added the word 'clown' and finally settled with these four images.


We hope you agree the clown theme has worked for us. Images that we like do not factor in as much as choosing the image that best suits the lighting and pose of the chosen portrait photo picked earlier. In this instance we think we could easily manage the top-right generated image which leads me into the compositing stage to end up with this image below...


I would use a number of compositing techniques including AI to smooth out Mila's face. This gave her a painterly feel to match the style of the Ai generated image. I also including some shading to tie in the hat with her face and I gave her face a warm colour palette.

My next step is to generate the ticket using this prompt 'black ticket, gold writing, design, 30s' and that was it. Sometimes long prompts can interfere with creativity and we always start with short prompts before leading and defining the prompt. Here is the chosen result... The only two useful results on the left side we chose the bottom-left and the rest is history.



Below are some other portraits we completed for other clients including ours...


February 15, 2023 • 9:20PM


October 12, 2023 • 4:50PM